Summoners Greed Mod Apk v.1.76.0 Tower Defense (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Disabled Ads)

Summoners Greed Mod Apk v.1.76.0 Tower Defense (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Disabled Ads)

Summoner’s Greed, the hit tower defense game that puts you in the shoes of a greedy summoner defending your ill-gotten loot from waves of do-gooding heroes.

In this game, you’ll break into the king’s castle, swipe his priceless royal treasure, and gleefully haul it back to your lair. But the party don’t stop there – the king’s sounded the alarm and assembled his army of valiant heroes to take back what’s rightfully his! Time to ready your monster defenses and cast some wicked spells, ’cause ain’t no one stealing your precious treasure back.

Summon a Motley Crew of Monsters

What’s an evil summoner without their own personal army of baddies? In Summoner’s Greed, you’ll earn magical orbs for crushing wave after wave of the king’s goody two-shoes army. Use ’em to power up your summoner’s portal and call forth a whole carnival of monsters, creeps and minions to do your bidding!

You’ve got your standard slimes, Slimey and Grimey. But don’t sleep on the super rare and stupidly adorable hellhound Mocha! And who could forget Teddy, the EPIC teddy bear with superhuman strength? With dozens of kooky creatures to summon to your cause, you’ve got more than enough fire power to stick it to the king and his heroes.

Fight Off the King’s Army with Fireballs and Lightning

The king may have an army, but you’ve got the magic touch! This game lets you cast all kinds of crazy spells to bring the pain to your foes. Hurl massive fireballs, summon bolts of lightning, and even rebuild defenses on the fly.

Each hero and boss you’ll face has their own unique skills, so you gotta stay on your toes. Those axe-wielding lumberjacks will make short work of your rock walls, and the Elite Knights are total damage sponges. But with the right combination of monsters, spells and smart positioning, you can outlast anything the king throws your way.

Tons of Levels, Monsters and Mayhem

Summoner’s Greed boasts some seriously impressive numbers under the hood:
• 100+ levels to conquer
• Dozens of monsters & towers to unlock
• Each monster has unique abilities & powers
• Multiple heroes & bosses to battle
• Spells to destroy, rebuild and buff

And the best part? It’s all wrapped up in awesome cartoon graphics and funny character designs that really make the game pop. The monster abilities all have cool visual flair, the environments are colorful and clear, and the heroes all have a great comedic look. You can tell the artists had a blast coming up with all the wacky details.

Upgrade Your Baddies for Maximum Carnage

So you’ve summoned a squad of grade-A monsters to fight the good fight. Now it’s time to make them even cooler! Summoner’s Greed lets you pour all your ill-gotten gold into powering up your minions with new abilities, extra damage, and beefier stats.

You’ll definitely want to upgrade your favorites like Mocha and Teddy. But don’t neglect your basic slimes and other common monsters! A few choice upgrades can turn even the lowliest imp into a pint-sized powerhouse. Trust me, you’ll need every bit of firepower you can get as you take on the game’s tougher levels.

Take on Other Players in the PvP Arena

Stealing treasure and fighting the king is fun and all, but sometimes you crave a real challenge. And by that I mean wrecking other human players in head-to-head PvP battles! Summoner’s Greed’s Arena mode lets you defend your hoard against the best evil summoners out there.

It’s a totally different beast than the solo campaign. You’ll need to think on your feet, adapt your strategies on the fly, and exploit every dirty trick you’ve got to outwit your opponent. Climb the leaderboards and win big!

A Total Gem in the Tower Defense Genre

In a world full of generic fantasy games and played-out storylines, Summoner’s Greed is a total standout. The evil mage angle is hilarious and gives the game a great b-movie kind of charm. The huge variety of monsters play off classic fantasy tropes while still feeling fresh. And the core gameplay loop of summoning monsters to fight off heroes is super engaging.

On top of all that, Summoner’s Greed is just a real nice-looking game. The art style is clean and expressive, with great use of color throughout. Character animations have a nice bounce and real personality. Even the user interface is slick and easy to navigate. No annoying bugs or amateurish graphics here – this game is polised to a mirror sheen!

Summon Summoner’s Greed Today!

Ready to embrace your inner evil mage? Head over to Google Play or the App Store and download Summoner’s Greed today! With killer graphics, awesome character designs, and deep strategy gameplay, this tower defense gem will give your fingertips a real workout.

So what are you waiting for, my wicked friend? Summon your army of monsters, march on the king’s castle, and claim your rightful place as the greediest summoner in the land! Just watch out for those darn heroes – I hear they’re pretty tough customers.


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Download Summoners Greed Mod Apk v.1.76.0 Tower Defense (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Disabled Ads)
(193.45 MB)
Key Features Info

  • Unlimited Money - Buy any monster, upgrade or spell with infinite gold and diamonds!
  • God Mode - Your monsters are invincible and destroy enemies with one hit!
  • Free Shopping - Unlock and upgrade everything for free, no payment needed!
  • All Monsters Unlocked - Instantly access every monster in the game, even legendaries!
  • Unlimited Skill Points - Max out your monsters' skills and powers with unlimited points!
  • No Skill Cooldown - Spam your monsters' abilities with zero cooldown!
  • Disabled Ads - Enjoy the game without any annoying ads or interruptions!
  • No Root Needed - This MOD APK doesn't require root and works on any Android device!

App Info
  • App Name Summoners Greed: Tower Defense
  • Package Name
  • Publisher PIXIO
  • Updated
  • Version 1.76.0
  • Key Features Info Unlimited Money, God Mode, Disabled Ads Tested, Virus-free Android Apps With 100% Working Mod Features – All For Free!

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