Real Cricket™ 24 Mod Apk v1.9 (Unlimited Money, Tickets, Unlocked Features)

Real Cricket™ 24 Mod Apk v1.9 (Unlimited Money, Tickets, Unlocked Features)

Get ready to step onto the virtual pitch and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Real Cricket 24 – the go-to destination for an authentic mobile cricket simulation experience! This game is a true gem in the mobile gaming landscape, offering cricket enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to engage in a comprehensive and in-depth cricket gaming adventure right at their fingertips.

What sets Real Cricket 24 apart from other mobile cricket games is its meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to realism. The developers have gone above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the game, from the stunning graphics to the smooth gameplay mechanics, captures the essence of the sport in a way that transports players into the heart of the action.

Unleash Your Creativity with Mods

One of the standout features of Real Cricket 24 is its support for user-created content, known as Mods. Mods allow players to unleash their creativity and personalize their gaming experience like never before. Whether you want to tweak the graphics, introduce new characters, or customize player equipment, the possibilities are endless. This level of customization not only enhances the gameplay but also fosters a sense of ownership and community among players.

Master Your Batting Skills with Shot Assist

Real Cricket 24 takes batting to a whole new level with its innovative Shot Assist feature. With over 600 unique batting shots at your disposal, you can fine-tune your batting style and dominate the opposition. The Shot Assist helps you select the perfect shots based on your preferences, ensuring that you make every ball count. Whether you prefer elegant cover drives or powerful pull shots, Real Cricket 24 has got you covered.

Compete in Real-Time Multiplayer Battles

Get ready to put your skills to the ultimate test in the Real-Time Multiplayer mode of Real Cricket 24. Challenge players from around the world in intense 1v1 battles and prove your mettle on the virtual pitch. With both ranked and unranked matches available, you can compete at your own pace and climb the leaderboards to become a true legend of the game.

The ranked multiplayer mode offers three thrilling sub-modes: Dream Team Challenge, Premier League, and Pro Series. Each mode presents unique challenges and rewards, catering to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a casual player looking for some friendly competition or a hardcore cricket enthusiast seeking to dominate the rankings, Real Cricket 24’s multiplayer mode has something for everyone.

Participate in Tournaments and Showcasae Your Skills

Real Cricket 24’s Challenger Mode is where the real action happens. This highly competitive mode allows you to participate in tournaments or even create your own, inviting the Real Cricket community to join in the excitement. With various tournament formats to choose from, you can tailor the experience to your liking and host epic cricketing events that will be remembered for ages.

Immerse Yourself in Realistic Animations

Prepare to be amazed by the stunning visuals and realistic animations in Real Cricket 24. The game employs cutting-edge Motion Capture technology to bring the on-field action to life. From the fluid fielding and catching animations to the spectacular batting shots, every movement is captured with incredible precision. The lively cutscenes further enhance the immersion, making you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action.

Experience the Thrill of Live Commentary

Real Cricket 24 takes the authentic cricket experience to new heights with its Live Commentary feature. Legendary commentators like Sanjay Manjrekar, Aakash Chopra, Vivek Razdan, Danny Morrison, and Lisa Sthalekar lend their voices to the game, providing insightful and exciting commentary in both English and Hindi. Their presence adds an extra layer of realism and makes every match feel like a true cricketing spectacle.

Play in Dynamic Stadiums

Step into the world of international cricket as you play in Dynamic Stadiums that are meticulously crafted to replicate real-world cricket venues. These picturesque stadiums come alive with the cheers of the crowd, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will send shivers down your spine. From the iconic Lords Cricket Ground to the majestic Melbourne Cricket Ground, Real Cricket 24 brings the grandeur of international cricket right to your fingertips.

Craft Your Unique Batting Style with Shot Maps

Real Cricket 24 introduces a revolutionary feature called Shot Maps, which allows you to create a personalized batting style for each player. By selecting specific shots and creating multiple presets, you can tailor your approach to different match situations. Whether you want to play aggressively or adopt a more cautious strategy, the Shot Map feature gives you the freedom to express your batting prowess in your own unique way.

But that’s not all! Real Cricket 24 takes the social aspect of gaming to the next level by allowing you to share your Shot Map presets with your friends. Simply send them your preset code, and they can try out your batting style for themselves. This feature fosters a sense of community and encourages players to learn from each other, making the game even more engaging and rewarding.

Take Control with Manual Fielding and Catching

In Real Cricket 24, you have complete control over every aspect of the game, including Manual Fielding and Catching. Gone are the days of relying on automated fielding actions. Now, it’s up to you to pick up the ball, execute precise throws, and make game-changing direct hits. Your quick reflexes and strategic positioning will be put to the test as you strive to make every fielding opportunity count.

Compete in a Wide Range of Tournaments

Real Cricket 24 offers an extensive selection of Tournaments for you to participate in, both at the international and domestic levels. From the prestigious World Cup and the thrilling World Test Championship to the iconic Ashes series and the action-packed Premier Leagues, there’s no shortage of cricketing action to keep you engaged.

One of the standout tournaments in Real Cricket 24 is the Real Cricket Premier League (RCPL). This one-of-a-kind tournament allows you to experience the excitement of a player auction, where you can build your dream team from scratch. Compete against other team owners and prove your managerial skills as you strive to lead your team to glory in the RCPL.

Relive Iconic Moments in Cricket History

Real Cricket 24 takes you on a nostalgic journey through the annals of cricket history with its Modes feature. Relive the excitement of past ODI World Cups and T20 World Cups, or embark on a Tour mode to experience the thrill of international cricket series. The RCPL Editions mode allows you to revisit the glorious moments of previous RCPL tournaments, keeping the passion for the game alive.

Authentic Player Faces and Jerseys

Real Cricket 24 takes authenticity to the next level with its Unique Player Faces and Jerseys. Each player in the game is meticulously designed to resemble their real-life counterparts, complete with distinctive facial features and expressions. The attention to detail extends to the team jerseys as well, with accurate designs and player numbers adorning the back of each shirt. This level of realism adds an extra layer of immersion and makes you feel like you’re controlling your favorite cricket stars on the field.

Experience the Purest Form of Cricket with Test Matches

For true cricket purists, Real Cricket 24 offers the ultimate experience with its Test Matches feature. Engage in the longest and most challenging format of the game, where patience, perseverance, and strategic decision-making are key to success. The game faithfully replicates the nuances of Test cricket, including dynamic weather conditions, pitch deterioration, and the ebb and flow of a five-day contest.

Real Cricket 24 takes the Test match experience to new heights with the introduction of Pink Ball Test Cricket. Experience the thrill of playing under the floodlights with the pink ball, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the traditional Test format. The game’s advanced physics engine ensures realistic ball behavior, making every delivery a test of your batting skills.

In addition to the pink ball, Real Cricket 24 introduces new commentary options and field setup choices specific to Test matches. These enhancements add depth and strategy to the gameplay, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the match situation and the strengths of your team.


Real Cricket 24 is not just a game; it’s a celebration of the sport we all love. With its unparalleled realism, depth of gameplay, and endless customization options, it sets a new benchmark for mobile cricket simulations. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard cricket enthusiast, Real Cricket 24 offers an immersive and authentic experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Real Cricket 24 today and embark on a cricketing journey like no other. Step onto the virtual pitch, unleash your skills, and make history as you lead your team to glory. With Real Cricket 24, the world of cricket is at your fingertips, and the possibilities are endless.


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Download Real Cricket™ 24 Mod Apk v1.9 (Unlimited Money, Tickets, Unlocked Features)
(608.48 MB)
Key Features Info

  • Unlimited Money: Enjoy an endless supply of in-game currency to unlock all the premium features and enhancements.
  • Unlimited Tickets: Gain access to an unlimited number of tickets, allowing you to participate in tournaments and events without restrictions.
  • Unlocked Features: Experience the full potential of Real Cricket 24 with all features unlocked, including exclusive game modes, stadiums, and player customizations.
  • Mods Support: Customize your gameplay with user-created mods that add new characters, equipment, and visual enhancements. 600+ Batting Shots: Master a wide variety of batting shots with the innovative Shot Assist feature, designed to help you dominate the opposition.
  • Real-Time Multiplayer: Compete against players from around the world in intense real-time multiplayer battles and prove your skills on the global stage.
  • Challenger Mode: Participate in highly competitive tournaments or create your own, inviting the Real Cricket community to join the action.
  • Motion Capture Technology: Experience realistic animations and immersive gameplay thanks to advanced motion capture technology.
  • Live Commentary: Immerse yourself in the game with live commentary from legendary cricket commentators in both English and Hindi.
  • Dynamic Stadiums: Play in beautifully crafted stadiums that replicate the atmosphere and grandeur of iconic real-world cricket venues.
  • Shot Maps: Create your unique batting style by selecting specific shots and creating multiple presets for different match situations.
  • Manual Fielding and Catching: Take complete control over fielding and catching, showcasing your skills and reflexes on the field.
  • Extensive Tournament Selection: Compete in a wide range of international and domestic tournaments, including the World Cup, Ashes, Premier Leagues, and more.
  • Authentic Player Faces and Jerseys: Enjoy realistic player likenesses and accurately designed team jerseys for an immersive cricket experience.
  • Test Matches and Pink Ball Cricket: Engage in the purest form of cricket with Test matches, including the exciting Pink Ball Test Cricket under floodlights.

App Info
  • App Name Real Cricket™ 24
  • Package Name com.nautilus.realcricket
  • Publisher Nautilus Mobile
  • Updated
  • Version 1.9
  • Key Features Info Unlimited Money, Tickets, Unlocked Features Tested, Virus-free Android Apps With 100% Working Mod Features – All For Free!

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