Potion Permit Apk (Full Apk) v1.47

Potion Permit Apk (Full Apk) v1.47

Potion Permit – The Whimsical RPG Where You Brew Magic and Mischief

Immerse yourself in whimsical fantasy as a rookie alchemist in Potion Permit, recently updated to version 1.44. This acclaimed mobile RPG blends crafting, relationships and mystery into an experience perfect for short play sessions. Gather ingredients, diagnose illnesses and brew potions to unravel secrets across endearing characters like a moody witch, scheming mayor and pirate skeletons. With accessible core loops, gorgeous art direction and over 20 hours of content, Potion Permit is an editorial favorite for fans seeking story-driven crafting gameplay.

Charming Premise Full of Magic

In Potion Permit, you play as an aspiring alchemist arriving at the vibrant Moonbury village, hoping to set up shop. But first, certification tests require gathering ingredients from habitats like enchanted forests and haunted graveyards to brew mystical potions satisfying townsfolk requests. These range from healing tonics to love filters, growth formulas to curse-breaking solutions!

With over 500 ingredients like eye of newt and wisp whiskers available, you’ll calibrate mystical ratios using alchemy equipment until your experimental concoctions match prescribed effects. The fantasy backdrop inspires awe during foraging expeditions to pirate coves and magic hotspots.

Build Trust in a Quirky Community

Potion Permit’s oddball residents like the kleptomaniac Mayor Barnaby and his bureaucratic assistants offer delightful hijinks. You’ll encounter personalities like Sybil the moody witch, Alfred the ghost seeking his bones and a shady loan shark cat. Chat, run errands and uncover backstories to build relationships with everyone. Before long, you feel part of this offbeat community filled with witty pop culture references.

Helping cure cursed artifacts or resolve sitcom scenarios brings you closer to the villagers while opening new narrative avenues brimming with magic.

Intuitive Core Gameplay Loop

At its heart, Potion Permit offers accessible yet engaging gameplay via its steady loop focused on:

  • Gathering wild ingredients from varied vivid habitats
  • Fulfilling townsfolk requests by brewing suitable potions
  • Balancing material ratios through practice until matches occur
  • Unlocking new ingredients and recipes expanding options
  • Leveling up expertise to acquire upgraded equipment

It’s easy to pick up yet sufficiently deep as more advanced formulas get introduced. Vibrant art direction and quirky writing carry additional charm factor.

New Content Expanding Possibilities

Version 1.44 brings meaty additions expanding the main campaign and side quests through:

  • New story chapters set on Ossuary Island with twists
  • Fresh faces like ghost Fiona and skeleton Sebastian seeking help
  • More mini-adventures granting rare collectibles upon completion
  • Technical polish via animations, weather and bug fixes

These pad total playtime beyond 20 hours, boosting replay value. The new Halloween-themed chapter matches the creepy Ossuary Island backdrop for continued hidden object hunting and brewing challenges.

Getting Started with Handy Tips

It works smoothly on most modern mobile models. Upon startup, customizing your alchemist kicks off the experience. Handholding tips for new players include:

  • Tap highlighted plants, rocks etc to quickly gather ingredients
  • Getting balances right takes practice so go slow
  • Speak to NPCs for relationship rewards
  • Use the soft save option to avoid losing progress

Follow these tips and magical escapism awaits!

Completing Story Chapters Smoothly

Initial story quests serve as extended tutorials before difficulty climbs. Grind experience until gathering tools upgrade for increased ingredients. Attempt similar quests together to reuse ingredients across potions for momentum aiding later challenges.

For campaign boss battles, make offensive potions targeting weaknesses while gulping recovery ones after taking hits. Maintain distance and evade attacks before throwing powered counterattacks.

When leveling up, prioritize upgrading harvesting tools first, then advanced alchemy gear. Invest in social perks for location insights from NPCs. Offense boosts can wait while establishing efficient gathering.

Discover Hidden Side Quests with Rare Rewards

Certain mini-events and side quests unlock upon:

  • Achieving intimacy levels with NPCs
  • Finishing prerequisite errand chains earning trust
  • Finding special items in concealed landscape areas
  • Revisiting scenes under specific weather conditions

Completing these earns incredibly useful rewards like:

  • Unique ingredients unavailable normally
  • Powerful secret recipes
  • Upgraded alchemy paraphernalia
  • Cosmetic skins

Revisiting previous zones often while bonding with characters pays dividends via unexpected developments full of humor and intrigue.

A Must-Play Mobile RPG Gem

With rewarding side quests and accessible crafting mechanics tied to an engrossing narrative, Potion Permit shines as a premium mobile RPG gem. The additional animations, polish and tech optimizations further boost enjoyability across long playthroughs unlocking more ingredients and relationships.

So grab your cauldrons because adventure awaits where secrets are brewing! Just be wary of ghostly thieves looking to swipe ingredients during brewing antics in this must-play crafting RPG full of magic, mischief and whimsical charm.


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