Era of Conquest Mod Apk v1.25.13 (No Ads, Unlock All Heroes, One-Hit Kill)

Era of Conquest Mod Apk v1.25.13 (No Ads, Unlock All Heroes, One-Hit Kill)

Do you like playing games where you get to build up a big army and fight against other players? If so, you should definitely check out Era of Conquest! It’s a new strategy game for your phone or tablet where you pick a civilization, create bases and troops, and battle with people from all over the globe to take over territory.

Explore New Lands in the Golden Freedom Campaign

When you first start playing Era of Conquest, you can dive right into the brand new “Golden Freedom” story mode. Here, you get to choose a starting point on a big map that has cool places like deserts, muddy swamps, grasslands, and more. Your goal is to spread out from your base and fight against the armies of other Lords who want to control these lands too. It’s a fun challenge that will really test how well you can plan and fight!

So Many Fun Things to Do!

One awesome thing about Era of Conquest is how many different ways there are to play and grow your empire:

Research Skills – Unlock new abilities to make your soldiers even stronger
Trade Resources – Swap goods with friends and rivals to earn more money
Fight in Trials – See how tough your army really is in special battle challenges
Hire Generals – Get help from famous hero characters to lead your troops

You can spend a long time trying out different combinations of troops, skills, and tactics to figure out the best way to win. No two games will feel the same!

Team Up with Allies and Conquer the World Map

Era of Conquest isn’t just you fighting against a computer – you get to battle with real people from countries all across the world! You can make friends with other players and join together in alliances. Your alliance can help each other build big armies and coordinate attacks to take over more and more of the giant world map.

This map is seriously HUGE – it’s over 100 kilometers wide in each direction! That means there’s plenty of space for you and other players to spread out, build bases, and clash against each other. Will you be able to capture enough land to be crowned the top world leader?

Win By Playing Well, Not Just Paying Money

The developers of Era of Conquest want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to win, whether you spend money on the game or not. That’s why there are no resources or bonus items that you can buy in a cash shop. And there are no VIP memberships that give some players an extra advantage.

Instead, the only way to rise to the top is by playing smart and teaming up with your alliance buddies. If you make clever choices with where you build bases, what units you recruit, and how you fight your battles, you’ll have a real shot at being named the Supreme King or Queen.

The Coolest Siege Battles Ever!

You’ve probably played games before where you attack a castle or fort, but trust me, you’ve never seen siege battles like the ones in Era of Conquest. The game uses really advanced 3D graphics that make you feel like you’re watching a movie!

Massive armies with thousands of soldiers will bash into each other, while also trying to knock down city walls with huge rolling towers, catapults, and more. The shouts of the warriors, clash of swords, and roar of crumbling stone will have your heart racing with excitement!

Tons of Awesome Heroes and Unique Units to Collect

As you play through Era of Conquest and explore the giant world map, you’ll be able to add more and more powerful fighters to your army.

There are hundreds of cool hero characters that you can meet and recruit to help guide your forces. You’ll get to choose from many cultures and civilizations, like Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and more – each with their own look and personality.

Plus, your armies will include tons of special units that your regular soldiers can’t compare to! For example, you can field skilled archers, heavily-armored elephants, spell-casting wizards, and other awesome warriors.

Finding ancient Treasure Maps and competing in timed Wonder events will let you unlock even MORE bonuses that you can use to crush your enemies on the battlefield. How will you build and customize your forces?

Download Era of Conquest right now – the world is waiting for a new ruler!

A Closer Look at Some Extra Features

Never Wait to Heal Your Armies:
Other strategy games make you waste a bunch of time or money to replenish your troops after every battle. But in Era of Conquest, your soldiers heal up automatically for free between fights. And they’ll recover even faster while marching across the world map. No more waiting around to get back into action!

Total Control of Your Forces:
You know that giant world map we talked about? Well you have complete freedom to send your armies anywhere you want on it. The touch controls are super simple, so you can easily guide your troops around the map, building bases in key spots and launching sneak attacks on your opponent’s weak points. The whole world really is your battlefield!

Make New Friends (and Enemies!)
Era of Conquest has a big, friendly community that’s excited to welcome new players. Once you start playing, be sure to check out the game’s official Facebook page and Discord server (links below). There you can swap war stories, get advice from expert players, and forge alliances with other ambitious rulers. Everything’s more fun with friends!

Getting Started with Era of Conquest

You can start playing Era of Conquest in just a few minutes – it’s a small download of about 580 MB, and it works on most modern Android devices. Just search for it on the Google Play store!

The game will ask for a few permissions when you first install it:
• Access to your device storage (so it can save your game progress)
• Camera access (to let you snap a cool profile picture)
• Microphone access (if you want to record video clips of your battles)

But no worries if you don’t want to allow those bonus features – you can still play the full game without them. And you can always turn the permissions on or off later in your device’s Settings.

Era of Conquest Costs Nothing to Play!

The coolest part is that you can get the complete Era of Conquest experience for free. There’s no cost to download the game and start playing.

If you want, there are some things you can pay money for to level up faster. But you definitely don’t have to! Even if you never spend a dime, you can still build up the most powerful empire ever through smart plays and teamwork with your alliance.

So what are you waiting for? The world map is wide open and ready for a bold, new ruler to take control.
Recruit your armies, mobilize your allies, and begin your campaign to conquer the globe today in Era of Conquest!


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Download Era of Conquest Mod Apk v1.25.13 (No Ads, Unlock All Heroes, One-Hit Kill)
(610.58 MB)
Key Features Info

  • Speed Hack - Accelerate troop training, resource gathering, building upgrades, and more to progress faster!
  • No Ads - Focus on the game without any annoying advertisements popping up
  • Unlimited Resources - Enjoy infinite amounts of gold, food, wood, stone, and iron to rapidly expand your empire
  • One-Hit Kill - Crush enemy armies with a single attack
  • Invincible Troops - Your units become immune to all damage
  • Unlock All Heroes - Instantly recruit every mighty hero character to lead your forces
  • Free Shopping - Get any gear, items, or bonuses from the in-game store totally free

App Info
  • App Name Era of Conquest
  • Package Name
  • Publisher 4399 Games
  • Updated
  • Version 1.25.13
  • Key Features Info No Ads, Unlock All Heroes, One-Hit Kill Tested, Virus-free Android Apps With 100% Working Mod Features – All For Free!

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